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At my core, I love creating connections between people. I love helping people see life from foreign perspectives, ideally increasing their compassion for others along the way. That is exactly why modeling speaks to me. If I do my job well, I embody moments and stories that people struggle to articulate. By doing so, I become the bridge for others to travel in their search for intimacy with one another. 

My interest in modeling stems from my mother. As a young adult, she modeled internationally for a decade and a half. My first memory of modeling was as a toddler, when she put me on my first runway. As an adult, I've found myself pulled back to these early roots, realizing that storytelling has always been core to my identity. Whether as a keynote speaker, poet, athlete, or tech professional, I've always been drawn to providing a voice for perspectives that are far too often overlooked. 

Originally from New Jersey, I'm a proud Bay Area resident and alum of Stanford University, where I played on the Men's Basketball team. 

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